LocAlley & Clearco

What Is Clearco?
  • The world’s largest e-commerce investors, their mission is to remove barriers for brilliant ideas and businesses.
  • Clearco has invested $2+ billion into 5,500+ companies using data to identify high-growth funding opportunities in less than 24 hours.
  • This data-driven approach takes the bias out of decision making and helps Clearco fund 8x more female founders than traditional VCs across 6 countries.
  • Clearco is not a loan, but a revenue share model based on monthly revenue, where you keep 100% of your company.
How Does it Work?
  • First, fill out our google form to get started today.
  • Second, a LocAlley rep will contact you to help prepare your funding application.
  • Lastly, as an official Clearco Venture Scout, successful applicants will receive our personalized referral code link!
  • Funding may be distributed by Clearco when your business earns the minimum revenue requirement of $10k/month*.
  • Clearco will distribute funds between $10K – $10M.

*If your business earns less than that, you are still eligible to access Clearco resources.

How Can LocAlley Help?
  • Access to our referral code link puts you at the top of Clearco’s list of businesses to fund!
  • Book a meeting with us for application support. Click here to contact us.
  • Get your questions answered quickly with reliable information right from Clearco.
  • Help to advocate to Clearco on your behalf.

*LocAlley reserves the right to accept a finder’s fee for every Clearco referral

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