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LocAlley has partnered with Clearco (co-founded by Michele Romanow of Dragon’s Den and Andrew D’ Souza). Click here to learn more about how LocAlley & Clearco can help your business grow. You can get fair and fast capital, a trusted network of founders and the insights needed to scale your business.

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According to Statistics Canada, there are 1.1 million small business owners in Canada with 1-4 employees. Almost half of these businesses reported that over 40% of their revenue was lost due to COVID impacts, and 60% of business closures are now permanent. Customers need clarity on whether or not their small businesses have reopened, and increased digital marketing efforts are needed to secure this.

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Our solution gives small business owners the networking connections they need to expand their efforts. We are the community builders supporting business owners who have lost income due to COVID.

How LocAlley will connect you with support for your small business

We’re focused on helping entrepreneurs reduce dependency on government resources by connecting you with your local community to assist with recent challenges such as:

  • Financial support via Clearco or Equivesto for businesses is currently available
  • One on one support with the LocAlley team
  • A geographically-based community board, to connect with like-minded businesses (currently under development)


“Thanks to the LocAlley’s social media team for their help with the Fedorowich Music Studio FB page. Our reach increased by 2.3K% from the previous month!! Amazing work. Definitely will hire them again”

Gwen Fedorowich, Co-Founder of Fedorowich Music Studio

“Well I did it. I took that big step and I will also be giving workshops soon. Thanks for the push!!!!!”

Halia Palaszczuk, Founder of Ostara Pysanky

“Can’t wait for you to do a workshop for us!! Well done Michelle Fedorowich proud of you!”

Hasita Shah, Settlement Counsellor / Woodgreen

“LocAlley’s professionalism and adaptability enhanced the outreach for my music studio small business by 100-660% on Instagram and Facebook…  I highly recommend LocAlley to any small business for excellent service and results.”

Ginny Good Wold, Founder of Good Music Studio

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