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What Type of Funding can LocAlley Connect Me With?

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Revenue-Based Financing
    “It’s a means of raising capital by promising future sales in exchange for funding. Rather than incurring interest with debt financing or giving up a piece of your company like with equity financing, the initial investment is repaid based on business profits until the advance is paid in full” (Pickup, O. Clearco. 2022).
    “ a new type of fundraising that allows private companies to raise money by issuing small portions of ownership to a large group of investors. This allows many more people to participate in the higher risk, but higher return private investment market” (Equivesto. 2022).
Debt-Based Financing
    Also known as advance / receivable financing. It means getting loans for your business, usually involving a fixed interest repayment (Cambridge Dictionary. 2023).
  • The world’s largest e-commerce investors, their mission is to remove barriers for brilliant ideas and businesses.
  • This data-driven approach takes the bias out of decision making and helps Clearco fund 25X more female founders than traditional VCs across 6 countries.
  • Clearco is not a loan, but a revenue share model based on monthly revenue, where you keep 100% of your company.
  • Funding may be distributed by Clearco ($10K – $20M) when your business earns the minimum revenue requirement of $10k/month*.

*If your business earns less than that, you are still eligible to access Clearco resources

  • Equivesto provide due diligence to protect both your company and the investors investing in your product or service. 
  • Typical campaign length is 30-90 days, and effective marketing strategies are critical to success.  
  • Eligible businesses are incorporated in Canada, including pre-revenue companies!
  • Raise funds by engaging your existing community (min $25K raise) in exchange for equity in your company.
  • Receive funding for your small business in just 24 hours.
  • Access funding for advertising, supplier payments, cashflow, hiring, and more!
  • Funded 8000+ businesses and invested over $400 million.
  • Provides solutions tailored to your needs: e-commerce financing, fixed financing, and open a line of credit.
  • Canadian Based small businesses that have been open for at least 6 months and have 10k+ in revenue are eligible.

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