About Us

We understand first-hand that the entrepreneurial journey is not for the faint of heart. The challenges feel endless and it seems like you always need to outwork your competition. And because of that, success feels so much more rewarding. 

LocAlley is partnering with small business owners like you to support resilience and growth in Toronto’s communities.

Our Story

Founder Michelle Fedorowich met Zariah Walker at Ryerson University’s Legal Innovation Zone bootcamp, where they partnered and won the final pitch competition in March 2020. The women reconnected with a shared interest in helping small business owners through the hardships of the pandemic. 

In June of that same year, we were accepted into the Social Ventures Zone. One major highlight of this experience was working with the Wes Hall Social Entrepreneurs Award winner, intern Angelle Spencer in Winter 2021. As of August 2021, LocAlley has worked with 30 interdisciplinary team members, predominantly university students.  

Through successful partnership development, LocAlley works with the University of Toronto’s software engineering department, and Ryerson University’s Ted Rogers School of Management (TRSM). Moreover, Michelle’s involvement with the Marketing Department in TRSM has connected small businesses with FREE marketing support!

Our business development is grounded by the entrepreneurship program 100 Steps to Startup. We have seen our customer base grow through both discovery and validation interviews, as well as social media. One of our most significant partnerships to date is with Clearco, enabling us to extend low-barrier access to funding for our customers.  

As Clearco Venture Scouts (June 2021), we are now working with co-founders Michele Romanow of Dragon’s Den and Andrew D’Souza, and their entire network of VC’s! We are thrilled to be able to extend the financial support of Clearco to our founders and business owners, including colleagues in Zone Learning at Ryerson University!

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Mission and Vision

LocAlley strives to develop a web-based platform to enable small business owners within Toronto to advance their businesses by providing financial and marketing support during the COVID-19 global pandemic and beyond its recovery.

LocAlley plans to bridge connections between business owners, including those in low-income communities, across Canada to further their opportunities and grow their businesses.